About Us

Our Story

The main emotion that drove us on our road was boredom. Boredom of ordinary.

We are SniperLab, a mobile development agency based in Bucharest, Romania. We draw stories which can translate and transform the ordinary into extraordinary – we create digital experiences.

We care a lot about what we do, and we’re willing to go the extra mile to make things work. It’s the hard stuff that defines us as a team just as much as any moment of fun we have together. We put a lot of thought in that and realized that we have to try to transform every day at work in a day where our actions lead to something truly great.

In our free time, we do the same thing: whether it’s running a marathon, travelling or playing a video game. We embrace challenges and rarely take no for an answer. We believe that we will always find a creative way around any obstacle.

Loving what we do is the way we find balance.

Why Us?

  • Full transparency with hours and working procedures
  • Love communicating (and also fluent in english 🙂 )
  • Highly skilled & experienced developers
  • Consulting always complements development as we really want you to succeed (help a cause or make lots of $$$)
  • You’ll get the best bang for the buck

A bit about us

  • Mobile development company based in Romania (middle of Eastern Europe)
  • Only skilled developers handling your product (3 years+)
  • Highly passionate bunch (you might call us nerds)
  • Highly motivated (we work weekends and late hours for a common goal)
  • Love jokes (some of ours are quite good, while others not so much…)
  • Business orientated (even some of our devs & PM’s have MBA’s)
  • Boutique sized (5-10 team members)

Values & Goals

  • Work on a app featured on first page of app store
  • Integrity and hard-work
  • Aim to enjoy the ride (work, life, self)
  • Work with like-minded people
  • Help accomplish dreams
  • Communicate clearly


We've made a lot of friends along the way

“SniperLab have delivered the product on time and on budget. For us, the result is a well thought out and complete software solution, capable of rivaling larger competitors on the market. SniperLab provides extraordinary value, without hesitation.”


“50 Pixels contracted the services of Sniper Lab and they met our requirements and the expectations of our customers. ”

“Henkel retained the services of SniperLab to assist with the design and development of a complete software suite. SniperLab also gave us great ideas advice in product strategy, design, and development approach.”

“Professionally precise. Awesome design. Great people.”

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